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Post GPU Accelerated CFD, Chemistry, and More from Dr. Perot

If you check out the UMass Amherst page for Professor Blair Perot, you'll find several interesting little programs that are part of the Fluid Dynamics lab.
The Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is dedicated to the development of practical and generally applicable tools for the prediction of complex and often chaotic fluid flows.

Research at the Lab is focused on the entire CFD food chain from hardware and software to algorithms and turbulence models. Understanding in detail how the computational, mathematical, and physical problems of CFD interact is the key to designing lasting CFD solutions.

He has an interesting collection of little programs. Things like a simple 2D fluid solver called 'StirCrazy' and a 3D fluid program called 'PollenSeed', but all of them make use of GPU acceleration to make them interactive.

via The College of Engineering University of Massachusetts | Dr. Blair Perot.

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