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Post NShader Shader Syntax Highlighter AddIn for Visual Studio

If you use Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE for development and write any shader code (GLSL, HLSL, CG, etc) then you definitely should check out NShader. It's a free addon that adds syntax highlight for those languages, making Visual Studio a much more fully functional IDE for those who work in shader languages. It does have a few limitations:

  • The CG syntax highlighter is using the same HLSL syntax highlighter (they have similar keywords).
  • No syntax analyzing and checking. NShader only use a basic tokenizer to extract keywords. Future versions may include syntax analyser.
  • No braces/bracket matching
  • No completion
  • No formatting
But given how poor Visual Studio's existing support is, it's a huge benefit.

via NShader ' HLSL ' GLSL ' CG ' Shader Syntax Highlighter AddIn for Visual Studio.

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