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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

Yeah I've been reading strats and watching videos but the reality is you don't get better unless you play more, and so far I've been pretty much ruthlessly slaughtered every game. I don't know if the game should have put me in bronze league but I pretty much get owned every game. I don't really enjoy the every-split-second-decision-counts aspect of the game because you never have even a moment to relax and consider your options, and one slip-up in timing costs you an entire game instantly. Mess up micro and you lose, mess up macro and you lose, fail to scout properly and you lose, fail to do all three at once flawlessly and you lose. As much as I enjoy the multiplayer game's premise, it's just far too high a learning curve and I don't have the desire to undergo the trial-by-fire that is SC2 multiplayer. I've watched platinum level replays and honestly I can't understand how a human being can play like that. I suppose at that point you've played hundreds of games and all hotkeys are simply muscle memory.
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