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Question GIMP slowdown after upgrading to 195.36.xx

Hi all,

I have a strange problem after upgrading to 195.36.15 - though all other software works fine (including MyPaint with it's complicated parametric brushes), GIMP has became very slow. It means that GIMP displays brush trail behind the real pen position (the longer the movement of the pen - the longer time and distance lag between pen and it's trail).

I've downgraded back to 173.14.25 - GIMP works fine. I've upgraded again to 195.36.24 - GIMP gone slow. I've again downgraded to 173.14.25 - GIMP works fine. No visible performance changes to other software while playing with driver versions.

Any ideas? My card is 6200.

(Yeah, I've posted bug to GIMP developers - but these strange guys sent me to ask the same question to NVidia)
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