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Default Re: nvidia has shipped 400k of fermi

Originally Posted by jimmyjames123 View Post
You are truly a bumbling idiot, aren't you?

Ladies and gentlemen, pot meet kettle

The thread starter clearly posted that NVIDIA has shipped 400k "Fermi". Fermi is an architecture composed of various cards encompassing Geforce/Quadro/Tesla brands (duh?). That's just a fact, nothing "viral" about it.

Any time that anyone has something even remotely positive to say about NVIDIA, you rain down on their parade. I have no idea why the hell you frequent an "NVIDIA" fansite, but I suppose it's your job as an AMD viral marketer to do so.
Ok whatever dumbass. Considering you're the most well known NV viral marketing fanboy pretty much everywhere I see you I find that extremely amusing.
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