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Default Re: a little warning about gtx 480 and dedicated physx cards

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I just ran the Cryostasis benchmark and got these results:

Cryostasis Tech Demo - 1920x1200 - DX10 - High Preset

GTX 470 @ 763/1525/1875 (1.062v)

Avg 49.8
Min 31.7
Max 135.2

GTX 470 @ 763/1525/1875 (1.062v)
GTS 250 @ 600/1566/800 (Physx)

Avg 58.1
Min 35.1
Max 133.8

At the beginning portion of the benchmark with the water running over the enemy, I get 50fps minimum with the GTS 250 doing Physx. Without it I get ~33fps minimum.

If you're running dual GTX 480s, then sure, its probably not necessary to have a dedicated Physx card... but I think it'd probably still help anyone running a single GPU. At least in Cryostasis since its such a graphically intensive game. It stresses my system significantly more than Crysis at max settings.
What drivers are you using, Cap?
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