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Performance doesn't seem to be good on the PC at higher settings and the game is locked at 30 fps.

It looks better in motion.

I'm slightly disappointed by Split/Second PC graphically. Very High butchers the framerate on my Core i7 860/5870 at 1900x1200, which is unfortunate because it looks a lot better on Very High. My guess is that Very High cranks up the AA and filtering. On Very High I've seen it get as low as 17fps in some intense scenes (considering the whole point of the game is creating intense scenes).

I'm playing on High because the framerate is a solid 30. The framerate seems to be capped at 30 regardless.

On the plus side, there is V-Sync on/off in the options, but few other adjustments otherwise.

I'm looking around for config files to tweak but I'm not seeing anything promising.

The screenshots aren't loading for me, could someone be kind enough to reupload them using imageshack preferably.
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