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Default signal 11 with 195.36.24 amd64 when hitting certain keys

fresh install of FreeBSD8 on an asus M4A785TD-V EVO mobo, amd phenom II X4 965 cpu, two asus EN8400GS silent videocards. Mobo graphics disabled. X starts fine, works for a while, then at some point quits on signal 11. Nothing special in the Xorg log, besides that it caught a signal 11.

The crash seems to happen on a backspace or up/left arrow. I disabled X zapping (CTRL ALT BACKSP), it still happens from time to time.

I found this post that claims it is related to xinerama. However, since I have three monitors on 2 video cards, I can not use twinview, can I ? right now I use three separate screens and xinerama.

Anybody can enlighten me, or knows of a workaround ?
I can provide any logs and anything that will help fix this crash. I am not familiar with the kernel debugger but I have several machines so i could connect after a crash and if anybody can provide a little guidance on what to do to investigate and help fix this crash, I will do it.

Any Help much appreciated, thanks
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