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Default Re: a little warning about gtx 480 and dedicated physx cards

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I just ran the Cryostasis benchmark and got these results:

Cryostasis Tech Demo - 1920x1200 - DX10 - High Preset

GTX 470 @ 763/1525/1875 (1.062v)

Avg 49.8
Min 31.7
Max 135.2

GTX 470 @ 763/1525/1875 (1.062v)
GTS 250 @ 600/1566/800 (Physx)

Avg 58.1
Min 35.1
Max 133.8

At the beginning portion of the benchmark with the water running over the enemy, I get 50fps minimum with the GTS 250 doing Physx. Without it I get ~33fps minimum.

If you're running dual GTX 480s, then sure, its probably not necessary to have a dedicated Physx card... but I think it'd probably still help anyone running a single GPU. At least in Cryostasis since its such a graphically intensive game. It stresses my system significantly more than Crysis at max settings.
Your results are confusing. If your Avg and Min's are higher using the 250 for Physics then why is your max lower then not using it?????
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