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Default NIC teaming - Help me setup

I just got a new server at work for imaging workstations. It's a fully loaded Dell T7500 with server 2008.

It only has one internal NIC (Broadcom netxtreme 57XX) and I've added a PCI Intel pro 1000 MT nic in hopes of teaming these to distribute images via norton ghost faster than with a single nic.

The nic's are hooked to a cisco catalyst 2950 switch.

Are there any guides or resources online that would tell me what all has to be done to get this fully setup and operating the way I'm hoping it can?

My ultimate goal here is to cut down the length of time it takes to capture and send images to and from the server/desktops/laptops. As it is, it takes about 45 minutes to capture an image to the server or send one to a PC. If I capture or send to/from a USB drive attached to the system, it takes around 10 minutes. My goal is to get imaging performance over LAN similar to that and I don't know what the bottle neck is.

The new server has a pair of xeon quad cores, 24 gigs of ram and 4 15K rpm SAS drives in a pair of raid 0 configurations so I can only assume that the server hardware isn't the bottleneck.

All the lan cables are cat 6 as well.

This is the switch

Is the switch itself to blame? I'm sure if I ask nicely they'll get me a gigabit switch but ONLY if I truly HAVE to have it to achieve my goal here.
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