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Default VDPAU kills my machine...

... and since no one will believe me, I made a video!

Hey folks,

Just today I got a brand new TFT and I only wanted to watch some videos. 16:9 - Fullscreen glory. I used VDPAU as the Video output for mplayer (which I use via smplayer).

I start the video, I press the Fullscreen button and BAM! the PC restarts. Yes, it RESTARTS. It does not shut down, it does not generate an error - it behaves as if you press the RESET button on the PC itself.

And here's the proof:

What I do on the video:
- Have Options screen open to show the VDPAU output selection (which you cannot see since my Powershot sucks on Video)
- I select a movie and play it
- I press the Fullscreen button
Now the screen goes black and next you see is the POST screen.

Using xv as output does not produce this problem. Even if switching to fullscreen 30 times and back. Making the switch more often let me trigger this problem more efficiently. Sometimes it does not happen at the first time. You were lucky my camera caught it right now.

I RANDOMLY encountered this on some Flash websites eons ago but it seemed to resolve with a new driver version.

Oh - the best thing is:
Once when it reset, the PC went totally quiet - powered off. And it did not came up again for nearly 10 minutes. Pressing the Power button on the PC did NOT help - didn't do anything.... I needed to wait, and suddenly the machine powered up again.

So what am I dealing with? Defective hardware? Why does it trigger the defective hardware if VDPAU is active? And WHICH PART of my hardware is defective? Or can THAT be caused by the driver? Which does not explain WHY the machine restarts... nothing does...

I hope for help.

P.S. Bug report attached...

Best regards,

EDIT: I can at least confirm it's not an overheating problem. All temperatures are fine. However I cannot say if it might be a voltage-related problem... this is just too fast for making ANY log with lm_sensors and everyting BEFORE the crash looks totally fine.
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