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Default Re: NIC teaming - Help me setup

Originally Posted by Q View Post
You're going to be far better off with a Gigabit switch than teamed 10/100. The switch DOES support 802.3ad, so that's a good thing, but I just don't know how significant the benefit would truly be with the hassle.

Your server (desktop) is more than capable. Sazar, he's probably using the workstation since this is a desktop support role. And to get that amount of power rack mounted and redundant would have run another $2K.
Well a 2950 should have 2 GBIC ports on it, so I'm assuming he's using those. EDIT: Yea I see 2 ports on the switch.

I can tell you from experience though that ghosting will never go as fast as your hardware can. I've used SGSS 2.5 with the Vista PE boot disc between a pair of Q6600, 780i, 2 x raid 0 HDD on a gigabit switch and can only top out at ~ 3000MB / Min using an uncompressed setting. That equates to about 50MBps. I can do a regular file transfer in Windows and push the connection to max.

If you could provide a little more info that would be very helpful though. What are you backing up and to what? What compression settings, what exact version of ghost, what is the average amount of data on the clientside, how many pcs are you sending to at a time etc...

Let's say I'm backing up an C2D E6600 machine on a 10/100 network. Using fast compression that puts it around 700MB/Min on the clientside, and 560MB / Min on the server. That is the absolute max the 10/100 connection can handle, and if you go into task manager on the server, the networking tab is going to show about 100% usage nonstop.

So if I read what your saying correctly, your backing up an approximately 15GB image of a workstation to that server, and the workstation would have to be on a 10/100 port.

100mbps port tops out at 12.5MBps theoretical, but more like 10MBps. USB 2.0 is right around 30MBps actual limit, so no matter what you did USB will be 3x faster than using a 100mbps port. Keep in mind that if you throw the server on a gigabit port, the transfer is still limited to 100mbps unless the client is also on a gigabit port.
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