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Default Re: a little warning about gtx 480 and dedicated physx cards

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
It does matter. Window's needs to have DirectX rendering available on that card even though a monitor isn't hooked up. Consider my case where I have an external hooked to my 9800 GTX it has to render things with the card and use it for physx.

Consider playing Metro 2033 in windowed mode (if it has one)... what do you think would happen if I had a GTX 480 and dragged it from my monitor on the 480 to the 9800 GTX, while in DX11 mode.... no one knows, dividing by 0, can't happen. That's why it forces the lowest common DX mode available.

By using a card as a dedicated physx card that means you're dedicated all physx activity to that card.... not dedicated that card to physx. It still can, and will render video if you hooked up a monitor to it.
Maybe at crazy resolutions/AA settings it does, I can't confirm or deny that. I was commenting on my own situation.

The added power/heat etc isn't worth it for me, I've yet to play anything that will tax the 480SLI/980x combo.

PS : We both said there is no need for one, we never said it didn't help. I don't mean to try and discredit what you've said as you have more experience with it than I do. I just wanted to reiterate that I think we (slawter and I) were saying that we don't see a need for them, not necessarily that there is no need for them period. Sometimes things don't come across as concisely as I'd like them to on the Interwebz .
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