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Hmm, that does seem VERY off. Your fillrate is nowhere near what it should be at, and your 3d mark scores are low as well. At the very least it should be as fast as a TI200 (even with a 600mhz CPU). As AAPO said, you may have a card with 64 bit memory, which would basicly cut the performence in half. The shaders also seem much slower then they should be. Unfortunatly, there are a lot of really, really crappy videocard manufacturers out there, and you may simply have gotten one of the cheapy models with 64 bit memory. I remember how I got an "Apollo" GF2MX, and it's performence was only 10% faster then my Voodoo 3 (and on benchmarks it was supposed to get at least double that). Though an Asus card should be a good brand....where did you get the card from?
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