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Default Re: Nvidia Ion, Ubuntu Karmic and Composite

Thanks dk75, interesting idea. I did some research on the back of what you said, and have figured out how to switch to vt1, startx with a different xorg.conf (with composite disabled) onto vt8 and then start mplayer on vt8. On Ubuntu, vt7 is the normal vt.

It works, but it's a pretty lengthy a difficult procedure every time I want to watch a tear-free video. Is there a way of automating all that with a bash script? I know chvt changes the vt, but then you need to log in to that vt, and you need to disable anything that autostarts (like the cairo dock which needs composite) in the new X session.

That only solves half the problem of course - you then have to switch back when you're done. It works for me, but it doesn't pass the "wife" test...
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