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Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
The Force Unleashed for instance... the cap is fine, it feels perfectly smooth, but oh no it's a horribly PC port because of it no matter what anyone says.
For you perhaps. It ruined my gaming experience and the choppiness was all over the place (the same happened and with Overlord 1... at least Codemasters released a patch and removed the cap).

And simply LOL @ the gaming standard of 30fps. It's not standard, it's the minimum performance target for the current gen consoles (otherwise, well Stardust and WipeOut would also be at 30fps and would not be advertised for their ability to run at 60fps). 30fps in games hurt the eyes, I'm glad if someone can't tell the difference or can enjoy the games that way. And another LOL @ comparing games with movies fps
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