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Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
How can 30fps give you a headache? It is the industry standard, it is what the vast majority are playing the game at. I have heard that too HIGH a framerate can make someone nauseous, but I have never heard of 30fps doing it.

Force Unleashed played silky smooth, never drops from 30fps for me even with AA applied and it does not feel slow or sluggish at all. You're missing out.
30 fps isn't an industry standard for games? Its a standard for movies and there are tricks employed to trick the eye. If there should be an "industry" standard it should be at least 60 fps. I prefer to not have any cap on my games as it just bothers me and makes it jerky. Force Unleashed could've been a great game, the cap destroyed it for me though. Even the 90 fps cap in COD MW2 MP gave me a headache. At least with COD4 you could set your max fps.

The only reason there is a 30 fps cap for consoles is because most the time they are struggling to provide anything more. So the lack of horse power from a 360 now becomes a 30 FPS capped PC port which imo is an extremely lazy move. Once again, consoles are killing PC gaming.

30 fps on the 360 doesn't bother me but remember the refresh on a TV and monitor are completely different. Although, when the 360 chuggs I just want to LOL at what a POS it is.
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