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Default Re: Repeatable X Crash, dual FX580 on HP Z600

Thanks for the reply -- we currently are working with HP in conjunction with nVIDIA but to update here for those who may also experience an issue, and for sake of completeness, here are some test results:

RHEL 5 update 3 with 185.19.26 in 3-head 2xFX580 -- CRASH
RHEL 5 update 3 with 195.26.15 in 3-head 2xFX580 -- CRASH

The rest are using RHEL 5 update 2 and nVIDIA driver 195.26.15 with the 2xFX580
3-head -- CRASH
2-head (same GPU) -- CRASH
2-head (different GPU) -- CRASH
Single head -- CRASH

We had some Quadro NVS 285 cards lying around, I replaced the Quadro FX580 cards with dual Quadro NVS 285 cards and we DO NOT get a crash.

I will be testing using the FOSS drivers today as well and will let you know how that goes.

So is there any implementation differences between these two as it pertains to pixmap drawing, allocation, rendering, and the moving of shaped-windows?

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