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Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
It is the industry standard,
For consoles due to power constraints.
Force Unleashed played silky smooth, never drops from 30fps for me even with AA applied and it does not feel slow or sluggish at all. You're missing out.
Oh for pete's sake, FU is probably one of the worst examples. It definitely feels jerky to me, 30fps hurts the poor animation even moreso. Hell 30fps in that game stands out clear as day to me.

I'm not saying I wouldn't buy a game that's locked to 30fps, plenty of my games average 30fps as I usually like to play 1080p and have a low-end system. But when I want 60fps, I usually have the choice just to drop the resolution and get it, or at least close to it. It can make a huge difference in some games.

This may not be the game where it's required, but it just sucks that PC users don't have the option to have the game scale with their system. 60fps is always noticeably smoother and more responsive than 30fps, but it's nice to have the choice yourself to make the compromise.
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