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Originally posted by fuxifuxi
For the second example, take a look at the following scores:

Fill Rate (Single-Texturing)
my system: 249.2
the other system: 584.2

Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing)
my system: 652.0
the other system: 709.6


remember that the other system is a PIII 600 MHz, with a MSI GeForceFX 5200.
That is very strange, the fill rate should have almost nothing to do with the system and all to do with the video card. You don't happen to be running a 'debug' version of DirectX on one system do you? When I moved my Geforce3 from a faster system to slower one, the overall score halved, but the fillrate and vertex rate scores were identical. When I accidently left the drivers in debug mode, all scores were 1/2 to 3/4 what they would otherwise be.
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