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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

The 470/480 cards really impress me at all resolutions, I currently game at 1280x1024 @ 75Hz. Yeah I know I need a bigger monitor, just waiting for a good true 120Hz monitor. I have never had any lockups or crashes of any kind since I received my GTX 480 two weeks ago, going from an Nvidia 8800GTX to the GTX 480 was a massive upgrade! Most need to understand that chosing to buy this card requiresreally good air flow in your case, I recommend a "full tower case" that has lots of extra room and fans! Mid towers just don't cut it anymore with high-end graphics cards, you want high-end then you need the proper case, I'm running a Silverstone TJ09 with a dedicated from 120mm fan placement blowing cool air over the cards providing fresh air instantly.

These cards impress and I know that with driver updates will improve performance even further, as with any new architecture it takes some time before the drivers really starts showing even greater performance improverments.Nvidia's GTX 480 is as of now the single fastest single GPU graphics card out, even with unmature drivers! With that said this card overclocks a little too well, 852MHz Core | 1704MHz Shader | Memory 4200MHz on air on stock voltage is outstanding given that fact that my load temps seem uneffected by the increase in clock rates!

With each generation and new architecture seems to overclock better, this is my third Nvidia graphics card to date. Being impressed with the overclocking is just the beginning, the fact that it is a little better than the ATI 5870 given the fact the the 5870 has mature drivers is impressive. The GTX 470 from what I've seen is a better overclocker than some GTX 480's which makes me wonder why Nvidia chose such low clock rates, most clearly are capable of at least 150MHz on the core, even more on the Shaders and Memory!
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