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Default Re: Nvidia Ion, Ubuntu Karmic and Composite

Oh that's awesome, I didn't understand well enough how to launch an Xsession without relying on all the standard infrastructure that comes with Ubuntu. This just launches a bare X session with mplayer playing. I've tweaked it too use smplayer instead, which has a slightly nicer interface for tweaking options if I need to, and it works a treat. I can just automatically open video files with that script now, and don't even need to right-click to run the script.

Now I guess I can add xhost and xinit to the relevant config file (I'll have to look it up) so that the command can run without the password and we're done.

The piece of training for the wife will be that she needs to hit ctrl-x to stop the video playing - alt+f4, or alt+tab type things won't work. But that's quite easy to cope with I think.

Thanks for the help dk75.

Of course, nvidia, it would be lovely if you could make it an even smoother process...

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