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Default Re: Medal of Honor modern warfare trailer!

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
I really hope Medal of Honor is a massive success. IW think they are gods and the be all and end all when it comes to FPS games, be nice to see them put down a few pegs.
Do they?
Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
yap, this MoH game could be Modern War done right. not like that IW crap
Oh yes...
Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
Tru this. I so hope this will be done right instead of the this cardboard shooter IW ****.
OMFG, sense, it ****ing exists?!??!
Originally Posted by jiffy View Post
I love all the MOH love that this thread is getting. Did you play the last was terrible in every way. They were the first one's to really ruin the MP experience. MW2 is a fun game and has some really good qualities.

MOH will have to really step up from their last attempt to even be in the ballpark with MW or MW2, or any COD game for that matter.

I hope it is better than MW2, though. I say this because I would love to see PC gaming keep moving forward and providing quality games instead of the continual junk we see more often than not.
I'm sorry, but WTF are you talking about?
Yeah I did just go over the last few pages thinking they were new. They actually were for me as I have not read them before.
I want a rig that can play Crysis the way I can play Far Cry now.
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