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Default Re: Green / Pink Flashing Pixels 195.36.15

Originally Posted by danix View Post
You appear to have two of these displays connected; one on dual-link DVI and the other over a DP-DVI dongle. Do both of these exhibit the flashing behavior? If only one, which one?
Hi Danix;

The majority of cases we get generally occurs from running over the DP-DVI dongle. But I've also seen cases(notably my computer) where the DVI->DVI port also displays the same issues.

I've reseeded the graphics card, ram, etc find it clears up some of the issues. Sometimes restarting X or the computer may cause the problem to go away. After the initial first few dots appear on the screen this will progressively get worse over time. On a few computers running KVM with windows, you are able to switch back into windows and have no display issues at all.

Unfortunately I am unable to fail a working computer into this state.

I've also attached my latest gz.gif nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (34.3 KB) , which is running 190.42 . I've seen this occur on 195.36.15
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