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Originally Posted by HYBRID View Post
Did you do a quick NTFS format Nekro? and how do you check alignment is this something that pops on win install or frimware? thx in advance.
As an FYI, I popped a brand-new, unformatted OCZ Vertex 2 into my machine and did a clean Windows 7 Ultimate x64 setup. I used the standard quick format that comes when you start the Windows installation. It divided the SSD into a small 100 MB partition, with the rest being used to install the OS.

Using nekro's tips below, the drive was aligned properly without having to run any special utility. You should be just fine tossing the drive in your system and installing Windows as if it were a traditional HDD.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
there are few days to check it

on OCZ forums you can find a batch file called something like OCZAllign, that will check if drive is aligned

or go to MSinfo32, components, storage, disks, find your ssd, go to partition starting offset, and devide by 4096

if number is even then is aligned., if number is odd then its not aligned.
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