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Default Re: Instability of NVIDIA drivers on Linux 64 bit - thoughts?

Update on my previous post from May 15: It appears the way the problem occurs now is in the form of 5-10s freezes, rather than the total lock-up I'm used to.

As mentioned in my previous post I thought this was a result from starting X manually with "startx", however today the problem resurfaced when running an X session as usual (after booting to init 5) but with the series of short freezes. I.e. as long as a 3D graphics window is not trying to update anything, everything works fine, but as soon as I try to let anything happen in the window (rotate a molecular 3D structure, or just moving another window across the 3D graphics window), a series of freezes start.

I don't know if its just a coincidence - I'll have to see what type of freeze I experience the next time. If the problem has consistently changed its behaviour, I guess it's a positive development as I am at least able to save my work before rebooting. (But it's still a pain in a certain place, though!)

Meanwhile, suggestions are more than welcome. Please!

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