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Default Re: Is opengl over 4 monitors possible yet?

Originally Posted by sniff View Post
Are you sure? I thought SLI Multi-view was only on Quadro cards.
I guess you are mixing it up with SLI-Mosaic (which is only available
for Quadro Plex).

Originally Posted by sniff View Post
How do I make it work?
If it doesn't work already, then you may like to try "nvidia-xconfig" to
automatically generate an appropriate xorg.conf, i.e. something like

nvidia-xconfig --twinview --xinerama --enable-all-gpus
Alternatively, you can hand-craft the xorg.conf - for details, please check

Anyway, what happens if you type "glxgears" in a console window?
There should show up a simple 3D application. If this is not the case,
then there's something wrong with your setup. In order to help you,
the forum members would need the output of "sudo".
This command collects informations on your HW/SW setup and stores it
in "nvidia-bug-report.log.gz".




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