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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

I agree good thing about the xpac is even if your character is lower level you still earn AA xp, so by the time your 80 you might be able to then feat into a few perks. But you won't get the token drops or anything else if not in the xpac area's.

Also having off line levels will help people get to 80 quicker, I have a 63 toon that I will pop to 80 after he does his destiny quests. I might level him to 70 then use 10 off line levels to finish the job. I really think that using the OO levels on lower toons is kind of a waste as it is much easier to level then at 70 plus. Since I have a few 80's it's not a big deal to wait a few more weeks or a month to get the needed OO levels.
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