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Default Re: Questions regarding 3D Vision

Originally Posted by Kain View Post

Are there games that are actually "designed" for 3D and don't rely on the computer to convert 2D to 3D?
Ok I wanted to clarify this a bit.
There is no conversion per se as the games are already 3D and the information is all there. It is not like watching a movie that was 2D and then gets converted and it looks like cardboard layers...not at are far more amazing than the best Avatar could do at the theater.

3D ready means you are getting a game with not issues like some post processing may look wrong because it only shows on one eye, or smoke showing at screen level, things like that. Mostly shadows is the thing non ready games have issues with but the fact that you can take any game pretty much and it is already on 3D makes it just too cool and like someone said, after 3D there is no going back
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