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Default Re: NIC teaming - Help me setup

EDIT: Oh yea, I thought of a couple deal breakers when ghosting. Make sure you do not have an 10mbit devices on your network, because of the way ghost works it will automatically slow down the transfer to not flood the slowest device. Everything needs to be 100mbit full duplex. We used to unplug printers when we ghosted because it causes stuff to take a whole lot longer. Another thing that I've noticed is that newer pcs with WOL enabled, when they are powered off with drop the nic to 10mbit to save power. This also has caused slowdowns. If you simply turn the pc on it will fix the problem. This only applies when using multicast. If you use an unicast session you can get around this issue.

I ran some tests today and have some interesting numbers.

Using the Vista PE ghost disc versus the standard pc dos discs I was saving over 2 minutes copying a 7800MB image. It does however take about a minute longer for the disc to startup, but if you have a large install you should save a little bit of time.

Using high compression to create the image it takes:

Vista PE boot disc

Gigabit - 7:00

100mbit - 7:36

Ghost 11 PC dos

gigabit - 9:04

100mbit - 10:08

Fast compression:

Vista PE boot disc

Gigabit - 4:26

100mbit - 7:53

Ghost 11 PC dos

gigabit - 6:41

100mbit - 10:36

Fast compression is approx 25% larger file size over high compression. On a 100mbit network the time is not much less at all. Using a gigabit network fast compression is much quicker.

For sending the image from the server to the client, here are the numbers I came up with. I have only done numbers for fast compression so far.

Fast Compression:

Vista PE boot disc

Gigabit - 5:13

100mbit - 13:09

Ghost 11 PC dos

gigabit - 9:04

100mbit - 11:06

GH11 high comp 100mbit - 9:41

Sending seems to go better with the older discs on a 100mbit network. Using gigabit I can transfer much faster.

Taking my numbers and doing a little math here is what I'm coming up with.

Using GH11 PC dos, high compression, on a 100mbit network I could create an 8500MB image on the server side (18,200MB client) in 23 minutes. Sending that back out to a pc should be almost identical times. I'm using a laptop as my server so you should have no issues keeping up with your server. To me it sounds like another issue is present since it takes 2x as long to create the same thing.

If you could I would simply test using a crossover cable hooked directly to a pc. That's what I'm using right now to test. It can help eliminate any switch issues you might have. It would also get you a good baseline for gigabit transfers without having to have a switch.

One thing I will note is that I have some weird issue present on my laptop when ghosting. Sometimes while restoring an image everything is going smooth and if I'm watching the network chart I'm bouncing between 0 and 25% usage on a gig connection. Then all of the sudden it slows down to approx 3% usage and just rides that out for the rest of the session. If you watch your network tab in task manager it should give some good insight. Using high compression I can peak at 100% on a 100mbit and it will average 60% or more. If you're only ever using 30 - 50% of your 100mbit connection then something is wrong.
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