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Default Re: My GTX 480 died -- A reliability study.

Originally Posted by OzoZoz View Post
I just had another GTX 480 card dying yesterday.
Granted, it was heavily used (for long consecutive hours -- but temperature never raised above 85 deg.)

Am I still the only one?

Yep, you and the other morons who put the card in a computer that's jam-packed and don't have good air floor, then make dumb threads that say "reliability study"...

That is stupid...make sure you are doing everything to make the card run optimally, that means have some space, and put a fan on it. This card is 500 bucks for a reason, people that KNOW what they are doing should buy these.

Are you sure it's the cards themselves that are the problem, what if you have a funky PSU that's working them over? Or maybe you don't have solid power going to your computer, maybe you need a special power strip AND PSU????

Cmon dude, reliability study, I'm sure Nv has something, have you contacted your vendor/nvidia through email about this?
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