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Default Undervolting GTX 480

Saw this reading some reviews on newegg, interesting...

Other Thoughts: I just wanted give you guys some numbers that came in my testing.
My target was to see how far can i undervolt this card at stock frequencies to minimize heat, noise and power consumption.

My card came at 1.0v stock voltage. For the purpose of comparison I've set fan to always be 70% so I can directly compare temps.

I was able to push my card to 0.91250v and be stable. Watt numbers below are from Kill-A-Watt at the outlet power consumption.
I loaded the gpu by both PhysX fluid sim demo and Design Garage simultaneously

1.00000v - 90C, ~400W
0.91250v - 81C, ~350W

SO your miledge may vary but I was able to drop 9 degrees and 50 watts just by undervolting the gpu at stock clocks.

With auto fan it idles with 144 Watts, 44% fan 44C, and full load with auto fan doesn't go above 85C and 61% fan speed.

I undervolted with Evga E-Leet, and all the numbers are read with Evga precision.
I hope this will help someone debating the performance/power question as I was.
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