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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
Patch 13 is out. A lot of changes, most of usual don't make sense...and of course as usual Terran was buffed again lol.

The UI was changed, and the ladder now has Diamond,Platinum,God,Silver & Bronze as the leagues. Copper was removed.

The user names are now....silly as hell, you no longer have a identifier, but everyone can use say...Idra as their nick name...Good luck adding them!

Facebook has been integrated into it.....i think they need to kill this idea ><.
You forgot a few things:

No sounds in the UI.


Reset the database, which means everyone has to place again, which means I get put up against 5 pros and get raped. Not cool Blizz.

I think Terran is way over powered at this point. I hate playing PvT because I can never get a break.
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