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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Definitely, just like with the G2 release. They'll double the capacity for the same, if now lower, price. I paid more for my 80GB G1 as I did for one of my 160GB G2s.
Plus I really hope Intel will move over to SATA3 (your new board already supports that AFAIK) and improve overall performance to overtake the SandForce controllers again.

In my opinion, buying an SSD right now is not the best idea... All because of the upcoming G3s.
I had the same thoughts, I didn't know G3 was coming this soon though. Was originally planning on next year, then August or so after reading a bit here - now you have me waiting on G3s Definitely worth waiting for the benchmarks then...

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
thats nice, but look around a bit more and if possible try to get a Lian-Li with no steel and plastic.
I'm going to make a "Which would you buy" thread before I choose - it will be a while though. Thanks for the input nekro.
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