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Default Re: undefined symbol: xf86ConfigLayout

Please disregard my last post. The bin/Xorg program I have is a leftover from a very old install and is no longer used. 'startx' calls X (not Xorg). The result I posted is meaningless and of no use.

I am still using XFree86. I guess It is the time for me to switch to Xorg.

In fact, the file X11R6/bin/Xorg I have is a leftover from an earlier (2005) install and should have been purged long ago. The later installs of XFree86 did not install bin/Xorg. I compile from CVS (I did for the last 10 years or so).

I did a fresh compile/install of XFree86 and that did not create a newer bin/Xorg.

I guess that the later 195-... series of NVIDIA drivers does not support XFree86. Is that right?


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