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Default Re: I am appaled with my GeForceFX 5200 performance!!!

Originally posted by fuxifuxi
...I have bought a GeForceFX 5200 card whose fillrate performance doesn't match my old Creative Annihilator's (GeForce256 DDR) performance. I am working on an intensive fillrate application and it runs at 180 fps on my old card and at 160 fps on the new 5200 card. I was astonished...
I'm gonna assume you are on a tight budget, but you need an NVidia card for your functions? You might wanna consider a GF4TI instead, they don't have DX9 but they will kick the crap out of FX5200 and FX5600 cards in nearly every application and game. GF4TI's can be had for around $100us these days too. Just a suggestion...

In my opinion, the lowest FX card worth purchasing is the FX5900 non-ultra, because that's the lowest and most affordable Nvidia card with 256bit memory bus. Other than that, it's GF4TI or you move to ATI.
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