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Default Re: Original F.E.A.R. on Steam!

another logitech fix:
Since I have seen so many posts about it and people still asking, this is for the answer.

This is a known compatibility issue with the original F.E.A.R. engine and Logitech G series keyboards and mice, with an emphasis on the former.

This is caused by the engine incorrectly overpolling the USB I/O in Windows. This is mainly apparent in all versions of Windows 7.
Logitech is not at fault - there are some apparent flamers here - which is why Logitech products work with a literal 99% of games.


Simply go into the Start menu and right-click "Computer", choose "Manage".

From there, go to "Device Manager" and choose "Human Interface Devices".

To get the best performance, you are going to want to disable all "HID-Compliant Device", you should not need to disable ANYTHING else.

Note: for the most part, these are used for the interfaces on the keyboards, which is why there is anywhere from 3-7, any applets will be disabled until these HID devices are re-enabled
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