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Default Re: SEGA Genesis Classics Coming to PC

Originally Posted by lumpyhed View Post
I was talking about the 2-3 quid dumps and emu combined releases that can already be played in a web browser. I already bought those games at full price on a japanese import megedrive. Now if they were to bring out Afterburner Climax or that new sonic game(perhaps they are?) to steam i will have my card at the ready..

I have a sega megadrive in my attic along with the 32X and mega CD...come to think of it, i have a SNES, Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3D0, Saturn, N64, Gamecube, PS2 and a Xbox. Most of them do not work for some reason or another but i have a combined total of around 500 games for them.

FYI emulators are perfectly legal...however you must own the original game to have a ROM.... Silly...
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