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Default Re: SEGA Genesis Classics Coming to PC

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
Every time people talk about ROMs the one guy with a massive console game collection comes in to show everyone how ROMs are perfectly okay because he owns all the games.

This is rare. The vast majority of ROM users do not own the games, or own few of them.

I am not trying to be Mr. Moral about it, I have used ROMs, many of them for games I never owned. I justified it because there was nowhere to buy those games new where the publisher got a slice, so why does it matter? I did the same with PC games no longer for sale anywhere.

Thing is, the Wii came out and offered legal, publisher released downloads of all those games, which made my ROMs basically pirated copies again. If there is a way to buy the games that isn't old used copies, then you are stealing if you download them again. Same with the Lucasarts classics on Steam.

If you have the carts then yay for you, but anyone else should be buying these if they want to play them.

you could always write SEGA a nice letter and see if they would mind if you emulated on of their games.
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