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Default Re: Green / Pink Flashing Pixels 195.36.15

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Are you saying that it doesn't happen all the time on the affected machines?
When the issue occurs it will generally never go away until one of the things happen:
- restart x a couple of times(reboot, ctrl alt backspace)
- reseeding of video card, ram, second cpu. can stop this or lessen the issue.
- Swapping out a monitor. i.e. I swapped out my monitor today with a samsung syncmaster 2443 to the display port. The secondary(DVI -> DVI) monitor is a HP LP2464, which has the pink/green pixels is now completely gone.

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Have you noticed any factors that seem to make it more likely to happen? Is it more or less guaranteed to happen if a display is left up for long enough?
No, we do not have any conclusive evidence to what actually causes it to happen. I speculate something in the monitor may not be communicating with the graphics card.

I mention earlier of some of the computers running a kvm with windows, when swapped back into windows both monitors display properly. Then in linux you see the graphics pink/green pixels.
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