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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
Yea i didn't get why they went ahead and buffed Terran again, the MMM ball is already one of the best builds out. And Mech build is pretty solid now as well.

The buffs to Ultralisks were pretty pointless...Most if not all Zerg players wanted a meat shield, not a dmg dealer, and even then the Ultralisk is now a 450 HP unit that costs a **** ton and needs melee range to work, it's already a fat unit and has horrible parthing so getting to the front is a pain, and i think Blizz missed the entire point here of why people used mass Roaches in front.

Already videos show that in equal cost maruders vs ultralisk the ultralisk fails miserably. I think Stim on Marauders needs to have a less buff than over the marines, it's way too strong and easy to spam with support from a medic.

Frenzy....just a WoW/W3 rip off, made for the ultralisk, tho i will still use it mostly for fungal/np

The overseer changes are funny....i do have one or two near the enemy base just to come in and poop it on a production building lol.
I agree that ultras will still be useless. But what's interesting if if you throw frenzy on a group of hydralisks or something.
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