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Default Re: Repeatable X Crash, dual FX580 on HP Z600

For the sake of completeness will continue to update here until resolution.

Tried various nVIDIA driver options, --no-ubb, no-render-accel, no-composite, etc ...

All continue to reproduce the crash except --no-render-accel, however, as expected, this causes the system to be extremely unresponsive, load times increase from an average of 10-20 seconds to 5 minutes. However, there is no crash.

There is also NO CRASH when using a single-head configuration and the vesa driver. This same configuration, using the nVIDIA driver causes a crash.

64bit OS/driver causes a crash as well

I beginning to suspect something with the UBB extension, feature, in the Quadro series cards causing our problem.

Will post any final thoughts once they become available
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