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Default Several GTX 470 issues with 256.25

First little bit about my set up.

I'm running 2 gtx 470s on an i7 with ubuntu 10.04

Currently running 2.6.32-22

I'm mainly concerned about crunching on gpugrid (boinc) with these cards.

With the 195.36.24 drivers, everything is working extremely well. Both cards are detected, and 2 simultaneous tasks run. nvidia-settings properly reports all information and when boinc is active, both cards show as Performance Mode - maximum performance in powermizer.

Now, when I upgrade to 256.25, things get strange. Both cards are correctly detected in nvidia-settings, but when boinc is active, the system becomes slow and is subject to frequent lock ups require a hard reboot. While it is running, one thread of my processor pegs all the way to 100%, something that never happens with the 195 driver. Also powermizer only shows one card going to Performance level 3 (max), the second card never leaves mode zero. BOINC is detecting both cards, but only 1 of the 2 tasks ever runs.

Any ideas guys? Or is there any additional info I can provide to help figure out whats going on here?
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