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Default Re: Starcraft 2 - JULY 27TH

Originally Posted by Armed_Baboon View Post
what are cheeses?

Cheese is a pejorative expression which refers to a strategy that is highly unconventional and designed to take one's opponent by surprise. In general, cheese is nearly impossible to defeat if it is not scouted but easy to defeat if it is scouted.

Basically it comes down to lack of scouting. 6 pool is so....crap it never works unless u didn't scout at all.

Terran and Protoss sit at the top of the Cheese list with Protoss on the very top. The reason is they can wall up and basically only air units can get you the scout.

Most people agree that Protoss is the most cheesiest race. Terran is the most comfortable race, and Zerg has no dynamic.

I just hate how Terran can sit behind Barracks/Factory and build an army off 1 base and then 1A/Win :/. When you fight Terran you fight on their terms if they are ready then you can fight..if not then wait ><.
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