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Default Re: Repeatable X Crash, dual FX580 on HP Z600

Hey Aaron,

First off - many thanks for the support over the past few days on this!

Now ... disabling dbe does in fact NOT cause an Xserver crash. That said, since we eliminate the back buffer, successive frames in an animation are not seemless in rendering (i.e. the end-user exposed front-buffer displays images in an animation before they are fully rendered) ... this is expected obviously by disabling dbe ... however a solution that doesn't degrade the current performance and display is, um, more favorable ;-) LOL ... there's always a caveat isn't there ;-)

By setting the InitialPixmapPlacement to 1, I can get about a 15 second improvement in load times for a typical set of animations that are displayed. Without the InitialPixmapPlacement setting, and just dbe disabled, load times jump to about 60 seconds. With dbe loaded, the load time is usually around 30-35 seconds. So, we are seeing a doubling in load times with dbe disabled and the default InitialPixmapPlacement which can be improved but still a 50% increase in load times by setting the InitialPixmapPlacement=1

On the right track ... is there any way to get back to a seemless rendering of successive frames in an animation without the dbe extension -- some option to "fake out" the X-Windows System, or an nVIDIA-specific double buffer we can use/enable in the driver?

We have our hardware vendor coming today with two GTX250 cards to test them out in the workstations. We haven't seen these Xserver crashes with GeForce 7X and 8x series models, so we thought about trying the GTX series to see if those are compatible. Would this be the only solution that allows double buffering, i.e. is there no other option with the Quadro FX series than to disable dbe?

Thanks again!!!
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