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Default Re: Dual Fermi GTX 490

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Oh please.... Fanboy comment of the day right here.

I bought a 5870 because nvidia had NOTHING on the market that was comparable to it when I decided to upgrade. 6 months later, they release the GTX 4xx cards with high TDP, heavy heat output, and an average of 10% performance advantage over similar products...

So here I am posting on an nvidia fan site with an ATI card. Funny enough, I've been straight ticket nvidia ever since I got into computers and GPU's. Hell, I even bought that joke of a graphics card called the FX 5900, which didn't even fully support DX9. And then the one time that nvidia doesn't have an answer for ATI's cards, I jump ship and start getting called a fanboy...

I'm glad nvidia is able to come out with a dual-GPU solution. As expected, though, it will not be within the 300w PCI-e envelope of power. I don't think any of us expected that anyway due to the power used by the GTX 480 already.

I look forward to seeing some reviews. I do hope that it will beat the 5970 so that we can finally have some competition and price drops in this market. Nvidia needs to get on the ball and release their mid to low end products too. ATI is destroying them in that area currently.
Same here. Been ATi ever since... before GeForce. Last ATi card was a Rage128 with 16MB framebuffer. Even now still using dual 8800GTXs. Haven't even bought the ATi card yet. But I'm planning to simple cause power consumption is a concern of mine. Heck, I've considered getting the 5800 series as I really want as much performance as I can get... but both heat and power consumption are a big concern of mine. nVidia has nothing that is efficient in power consumption while producing little heat without greatly sacrificing performance.

Thus, simply cause for this one round I'm going ATi, I must be an ATi fanboi!
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