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Default Re: Dual Fermi GTX 490

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
ok, but when buying your 8800gtx, those things didn't bother you?

8800gtx ran hotter and consumed more power then competitions, as well as ran hotter and consumed more power then DUAL GPU card.

for comparison, 480 runs cooler(38-45ish) on idle then 8800gtx, and while reviews (running early drivers/and old bios) some claim 93c load temp, my 480 didn't go over 85c yet. And most end users will confirm, 480GTX runs much cooler then reviews claimed.
480gtx idle power = 186 = 34w less then 8800gtx
480gtx load power 382 = 67w more then 8800gtx

now considering that you have TWO 8800GTX
just estimating, 480GTX uses about about 60ishW less on idle, and about 218ishW less on load then your 8800gtx SLI.

both reviews are from the same site.

funny how you complain about power consumption, when your current cards draw much more power, and run hotter

cough***your current ones run hotter***cough
There's a reason I'm eyeing the 5770. You think I'm unaware what these 8800's consume? It's too much. I can have better performance while consuming less power and generating more heat. I love the performance... but it's expensive to power this rig. Need to trim some fat a lil'.

Now, if nvidia had something that could actually *compete* with the 5770 I'd probably be all over it as naturally my innards have a green tint to 'em. However, they do not, so I'm left with the only option which is the 5770 atm.

And for the record I bought these cards from a member here not too far back. Didn't think I'd be so concerned about power consumption and heat output back then.

However, I did purchase two 640MB 8800GTSs on launch day... samething- wasn't concerned about power conumption/heat output back then either. I am now, cause things have changed for me.

Hence my focus on the 5770.
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