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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

Originally Posted by A2597 View Post
So a little late to the party, but just got Shift, using with Freetrack and Shift: Camera Control for head tracking. Finishing up the Tier 2 races using the super light Lotus Elise. (Which is basically, get in the lead or die trying due to the aggressive AI)

Already bought my Lamborghini Murcialago, love that car. Started with a Scion tC just because.

overall, I'm loving this game. It's my first "Sim" racer, and I count it as a good transitional racer from arcade to sim. (I tried GT4, and hated it with a passion. The handeling on that was absoluty terrible. I tried driving a 1960s stingray in that game, and slid everywhere, had zero traction, like driving on ice with all cars. I've spent enough time in that car to know how it should handle, and it isn't like that!)

This however, feels about right while driving, I know a few people here say the traction is a bit sticky yet, but I haven't gotten that at all, it behaves about like I expect from a far to handle, close enough that it's still fun and not arcady like previous generations of NFS at least. Basically using NFS:S for all my on road wants, and Dirt 2 for my offroad kicks. (And Dirt 2 is very arcady, but fun!)

Shift can be pretty cool, but the AI is ****ing ****. And hay, Dirt 2 is more "realistic" than Dirt. It's not too acrady either, I think.
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