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Default Re: Geforce 8200 users, I need your help with finding usb hanging issue

Hm. I have a M3N78-VM with nvidia 8200 too. I used it with Ubuntu 9.04 (2.6.28 kernel i think), 9.10 (2.6.31) and now with Debian Squeeze (2.6.32).
The 2.6.28/31 Ubuntu 9.04/9.10 kernel had a problem - on resuming i had to plug out and back in the USB keyboard i have. Other than that resuming worked fine.

With Debian i did not have this issue, i had another weirdness: I could suspend once per session - a second suspend suspended the comp, but instantly wake it up - but this behaviour gone away after installing the 195.36.24 drivers or some xorg/power management upgrades that came at the same time - so i am not sure about this.

Now it works just peechy (now i use the 256.25 drivers) - suspend/resume, VDPAU also works perfectly well. I have a USB keyboard+mouse and a USB webcam connected - never experienced problems except those i mentioned, but those are gone.
I have Athlon 3200+ single core processor, 2x1GB RAM, 3 HDDs +DVD/RW (1xIDE HDD, IDE DVD/RW, 2x SATA HDDs).
So, it very well be a distribution-specific bug (distros have different patches to their kernels) or caused by a certain USB device under specific conditions.
BTW i use 32-bit Debian.
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