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Originally Posted by zoomy942 View Post
not sure i totally agree with adding all these PPA's and installing so much extra stuff. Look around in ubuntu and see what's there before you go taking advice. Empathy will do IM, while some prefer Pidgin. i never used Pidgin in 10.04 because the thought of 2 IM programs installed bothered me alot. Also, find what pattern you are - meaning look at what you want to do on your PC and see what you need to install. For example, I have been using linux ubuntu since 8.04 and i have installed Java once. IT just doesnt come up, but it might for you, so think about what you normally do and install thigns according to that.

advice you will find is good as a guideline, but only install what you need.

I switched to lubuntu by the way becasue ubuntu gnome is a little heavy on my netbook.
Emphathy can't even do half of the stuff pidgin does and has a long way to go. The PPAs I recommended are from developers of the programs themselves. For instance Transmission is default and adding ppa would keep it latest. As for Pidgin and Banshee ppa, they are must in case you wish to use these programs and keep them up to latest. Finally the ppa for X is from Ubuntu developers and is the easiest way to stay current with nvidia driver which I assume the OP is running on. They are keeping the ppa current with latest drivers and had the 256 drivers within a day of their release. PPAs are needed to keep certain key aspect of the distro current, thats why we have driver, software updates in first place or relegate yourself running old, outdated and sometimes vulnerable programs for good.
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